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The Lacey Practice Eye Care Clinic holds the usual glasses cases and chains for your glasses.

Most importantly we wish to let you know we hold a range of vitamin supplements for your eyes.

As a result of numerous research projects into vitamins, minerals and Carotenoids such s lutein and zeaxanthin, there are now many different vitamin supplements for eye health available.

At The Lacey Practice we now stock 'Macushield' the best food supplement available, according to new research, for patients with ARMD. Macushield contains Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Mezo-Zeaxanthin, your body selects these ingredients to help protect the cells of the macula from damaged caused by blue light. This can be extremely important for your eye health and ay prevent further development of ocular disease.

Your pharmacist, optician or health food shop can advise you about the products available. With a good healthy diet that includes sufficient fresh fruit and vegetable there should be no need to use supplements. However, they may e used when your diet does not include enough fresh fruit and vegetables or if the vitamins they contain are not adequately absorbed by your body. Here we have a range of supplements which are very beneficial for patients that have eye problems such as ARMD or cataracts.

We also carry an extensive range of drops and products which are used for the care of patients with dry eyes. Also available are different types of drops for patients who have uncomfortable eyes, dry eyes due to continuous wear of contact lenses and tiredness.

Together with a range of contact lens solutions and other products we can give guidance on any of the products we have in stock.