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Private Sight Test

Private Sight Tests and Eye Examination

This is undertaken by the Optometrist undertaking a full eye examination, sometimes dilating the pupils for the use of a volk lens (as used by the hospital), full pressures and tonometry
You will be guided through the whole procedure with professional care and attention to detail. Any family history of eye problems will be taken in consideration and any problems or worried you might be experiencing you will be able to discuss freely with the Optometrist. We are here to look after your sight.

We carry out an assessment for your distance vision.

We carry out an assessment for near vision

We then investigate your visual needs for things such as computers reading and music.
Assessment if made of how your eye muscles work.
Examination of the outsides of your eyes
Examinations of the insides of your eyes.
Visual field screening
Eye pressure check

The Lacey Practice offers a Private Sight Tests and Eye Examinations, which are fully covered by the Eye Plan Scheme (please contact us for details of the Eye Plan Scheme Membership).

In order to continue providing you with the highest quality of eye-care and professional eye care, the Lacey Eye Care Centre is no longer providing the partially-subsidised NHS Eye Examinations

As a gesture of goodwill, the Lacey Eye Care Centre would like to offer to all of our existing NHS entitled patients a FREE Private Eye Examination.

Therefore, following your Private Eye Examination, The Lacey Eye Care Centre will no long be issuing NHS Vouchers for spectacle lenses to NHS exempt patients