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Prescription Lenses

We make sure that our lenses come from top quality reputable suppliers, where coatings and tints can be relied on, ensuring consistent high quality. We keep abreast of new developments so we can offer you up to date lens designs, materials and the best coatings and tints.

Nikon are renowned lens makers whose reputation was originally made in the world of high tech cameras. The new nikon HCC coating incorporates Nikon's unique anti-reflective coating, which uses the latest technology to minimize unwanted glare and maximize the cosmetic appeal of lenses. Nikon's exclusive triple-coated technology provides unbeatable protection against 'cleaning scratches' and everyday wear and tear.

Rodenstock are lens innovators and have the impressive Colormatic lens material. Darkens up to 50% inside a closed car. This is a first in photo chromic materials. They also have some of the best varifocals in their range, which also covers bifocals and ultra thin lenses.

Varilux varifocals lenses are manufactured by Essilor. Essilor is the world's largest lens manufacturer with subsidiaries in over 60 countries.
As well as creating the first successful varifocals lens Essilor were the first company to make plastic lenses.
Recently Essilor have also been involved in the design and production of variable tinted lenses such as Transitions the development of thinner and lighter lens material and reflection free coatings.