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Our Products


Research now shows that HARMFUL BLUE-LIGHT is emitted by computers, i-pads, televisions, smartphones and artificial lighting. This causes eye strain, headaches, memory loss and even disturbed sleep. Our LATEST TECHNOLOGY COATINGS will filter out the HARMFUL BLUE-LIGHT which will allow YOUR EYES to enjoy sharper vision and improved visual comfort for longer periods of time.

The products which we supply are of the highest standard, the lenses which are advised to be used to our patients are selected especially for their specific requirements. The Dispensing Optician will acknowledge the requirements of the patient and advise on specific designs of glasses or lenses. All our lenses are supplied by recognized manufacturers such as Nikon, Rodenstock and Essilor.

Together with the highest standard Eye Sight Test and the quality lenses the patient desires everyone can be assured of complete satisfaction from the team at The Lacey Practice Eye Care Clinic.