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Children Sight Test

Eye care for the next generation

Children should be taken to an Optometrist once every 6 months. We are here to help and give guidance into the health and vision of Children.

We have a Special Child Spectacle Package which provides the child with special thin and light lenses. These special lenses are shatter proof in case of accident to give your child extra protection , especially outdoors.

Currently schools do not have a nationwide scheme to monitor the vision of school age children. According to research only 38% of children visit the optometrist. Children and parents need to improve their knowledge of eye health and encourage their parents to take them for regular eye checks. It is an important fact that transion lenses should be recommended to children and their parents, for clinical health and safety, do come to us for further professional guidance.

This is undertaken by the Optometrist undertaking a full eye examination, sometimes
You will be guided through the whole procedure with professional care and attention to detail. Any family history of eye problems will be taken in consideration and any problems or worried you might be experiencing you will be able to discuss freely with the Optometrist. We are here to look after your sight.

We carry out an assessment for your vision.

We then investigate your visual needs
Assessment if made of how your eye muscles work.
Examination of the outsides of your eyes
Examinations of the insides of your eyes.