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Contact Lens fitting & Training

Contact Lens fitting and training

We pride ourselves in our expertise and excellence within the knowledge of the contact lens world.

Our Optometrist is able to help any patient that would require contact lenses, however complex or problematic. If you have any questions regarding the fitting or wearing of a contact lens he will be able to reassure you that what he recommends would be the very best for your vision and eye condition.

We are so happy with the performance of Acuvue lens ranges that we have become an Acuvue Centre of Excellence.
We also can supply Vistakon Oasys and many others. Not to mention the 'hard lens' which is generally know as a rigid gas permeable lens
Both soft and rigid gas permeable lenses are available in short and long sight corrections and for correcting Astigmatism and for reading vision.

But which ones to choose?
This is where we come in. Our experience and clinical skills can offer you the correct choice of type of contact lenses for your eyes, a skilled fitting of the lenses, with good training to ensure you can handle them and look after them safely. Not forgetting, of course, continuing aftercare = perhaps the most important part of the service, ensuring your eyes remain healthy and accurately corrected.

Come and book your fitting or aftercare appointment with us.