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Contact Lenses

Our Optician is knowledgeable in his field regarding the fitting, trialling and care of contact lens patients. His expertise with contact lens will help every patient that comes to The Lacey Practice to see more accurately and have the most comfortable lens.

Our philosophy is to supply the lenses that will offer the best improvements in visual performance, eye health and comfort. Therefore we keep abreast of the latest developments so we can offer an extensive range of lenses and solutions from many companies. Much of our expertise in Dry eye also feeds into our contact lens work.. We do specialise in managing dry eye problems in contact lens wearers.

Our new award winning daily silicon hydrogel disposables are now available for astigmatism (Toric) and for presbyopia correction (Multifocals). These new Premium lenses incorporate all the best features of a monthly lens into a daily lens. Their main features and benefits are:

  • Made with silicon hydrogel, a superior lens material
  • Far Easier to adapt to compared with other brands like Trueye
  • Improved oxygen to the cornea for optimal eye health
  • UVA/UVB inhibitor blocks up to 80% of harmful rays
  • Superior lens surface treatment prevents dry eyes and discomfort