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Dyslexia Coloured Overlays Test And Advice

Dyslexia was described as being an unexplained difficulty in learning to read and write. Since then, much greater recognition and understanding has been given to this condition and various strategies and treatments have evolved.

Difficulties with reading and writing can be accompanied by problems of visual discomfort and distortion. Over 50 years ago it was noted that the use of coloured overlays could make reading easier. Sometimes patients report that they have to focus on each word individually, reducing the ability to make sense of what is being read.

The use of coloured overlays to help with reading are available from us and we here to give help and guidance in the use of overlays. If you wish to have further information regarding the overlays and their benefits, or indeed have a trial to experience the difference please do not hesitate to contact us now. We are here to help.

Friday, 26th November 2010

There was an excellent BBC programme "Don't Call me Stupid", the link was Kara Tointon, presently a Strictly Dancer and also an East Enders Actress.

Dyslexia is a neurological condition that makes reading a problem, there is no cure for dyslexia but being taught in a different way can help. Kara's now saving hours by using a multi-sensory method to learn her lines. It involves using shapes, colours and movements.

Kara and others are proof that the condition does not have to hold you back but, like Kara, it is hard work. There is an impressive list of famous dyslexics, Tom Cruise, Sir Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver and etc...

Kara's help was tinted glasses as well as multi-sensory teaching.

At The Lacey Practice we can help with coloured overlays. If you know of anyone who is, or has a member of the family who is Dyslexia and they would like to have some help.

Like to have a chat or some advice, we are here to help.

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